Second time Las Palmas de GC

After we came back  in Las Palmas after the tour over the Canarian Islands in December 2017 there was enough to do.

First we went back to Holland for family circumstances for ten days.In those days we had Christmas time with friends and family, collected ordered stuff, stayed in a hotel in Den Hague and visited my sister in Eindhoven. It was too short.

When we came back in Las Palmas we had a nice New Years evening party in Motown with friends, Quido and Hilde were playing music and we danced the night.

After all those partying it was time to prepare  the boat.

I replaced the Furuno radar for a Navico broadband radar. Long story so I try to keep it short. Bought a 4g B&G broadband radar second hand for not too much money in august, but unfortunate it was not working so sent it back to the shop, they sent it to a repairshop and it came back but it still was not working. Then again but to another radar-repairshop because the former one had broken the dome, and insisting that it was so already. No way, I even had a picture of everything and it was still sealed when he got it. It came back repaired so said but was still not working. I was already thinking that something was wrong with my system so doublechecked on other boats and systems but it turned out that really something was wrong with the dome. So brought it back again and they should look at it on monday. That monday I asked what was wrong and they told me it was send to Navico Holland. Finally, I mentioned before to send it to Navico but they were insisting that they could repair in Las palmas. This happened just before Christmas  and because I was already waiting so long I phoned Navico. My radar was not found in their store neither in their system. After New Year I phoned again and it seemed that it was send to Spain where they returned a brand new one. One week later I was the proud owner of a brand new working radar. Yeah, what I did not tell is that I am not using a plotter but a computer to produce the radar screen. OpenCPN has written a plugin for a Navico radar on a computer and now everything is working well.

I had to send the Save Marine watergen back to the factory, the propellor was stuck when we tried last month after one year of deck storage and the technicians of SaveMarine wanted to see what was wrong. We found a suitable carton box and it was collected by TNT. They found out that it was a bad construction design and we will get a new one end of March, start April when we are in Mindelo, Cabo Verde

The 18 years old 8 persons Plastimo liferaft was send for inspection. I was there when the liferaft was opened and it looks good except that everything was expired. This was expected and normal but not for the gas bottle, this one was far over due. Anyway, the inspection would cost so much that a new one was interesting. So the old one was packed again and we had a nice afternoon testing it in the water with some friends.  Everything looked good, it was holding its pressure fine but it was not possible to keep the floor dry. After we took it out of the water I found out that the bonding of the seems was gone. It is stitched and glued and the glue came loose so after 18 years it was a good decision to go for a new one. We should survive when we had to use it but we did not keep it dry in the raft.

I replaced the flexible shaft coupling for a fixed one. The engine mounts are flexible and the shaft is also flexible with a Volvo seal and with the flexible coupling it was too much flexibility and shaking too much. Now it is far better. Original was fixed as well but I replaced in flexible when I replaced the shaft in 2014. I made a mistake in doing so.

The dieseltank was cleaned and I mounted a valve at the lowest point for checking.

Flexible exhaust pipe of airheater was changed, we brought a new one from Holland.

Changed the battery of the AIS-SART, (Automatic Identification System – Search And Resque Transponder)

The railing wire was renewed, it was already long in my mind, and now a friend of us died because an eye of the pulpit was broken and he felt overboard. Nothing to blame the railing wire but ours was covered in plastic and had some colouring. You never know what is inside and now we can inspect,  we also choose for 5 mm instead of 4 mm. Just for safety.

And a lot more but too much to mention. Days were filled and nights ……well, men have to drink otherwise you dry out.

Now we are waiting for a new liferaft, Bimini and sprayhood, we changed also colour and now we have the possibility to make a tent of the Bimini to keep the rain and bugs/ mosquitos out.

After that is done we will go…. will be continued!


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Round trip Canarian Islands

What did we do when we sailed around the Islands of the Canaries, well….. first we sailed to

Morro Jable, Fuerteventura on 30 Septembre 2017 where we moored inside the harbour first night. There was no water nor electricity on the pontoon so why stay any night longer over there. We discovered a nice anchorage just around the corner in front of the shopping boulevard where we stayed another night, 10 meters very clear water on a sandy bottom.

Gran Tarajal: At 02 Octobre we heaved anchor and sailed to Gran Tarajal where we dropped anchor. The other day I saw some water in the bilge coming from my raw water pump, I had one spare so exchanged this. Here we met Happy Hour with Rob and Hilde and Impact with Quido and Gerdie. In port was another Dutch boat Dream C with Cor and we had a nice BBQ at the anchorage in the days following.

Puerto Rosario: After a few nice days we heaved anchor on 08 Octobre and headed for Puerto Rosario where we dropped anchor in 7 meters water. On 11 Octobre we heaved anchor with the plan to sail to Los Lobos but the engine of Impact ran hot so we turned back to Puerto Rosario and dropped anchor again. Here Rob repaired the engine of Impact. We got information that we could pick-up our new Parasailor at the airport which we ordered in Holland via Bomarine. We had an Agent for the paperwork and when that was done we took a taxi to pick it up. We are very happy with this light weather sail and hope that we can use it often.

Los Lobos: The other day 12 October we heaved anchor and headed for Los Lobos where we anchored at 8 meters.
After a few nice days, after we discovered this beautiful island, we headed on 14 October for

Correlejo, Fuerteventura where we anchored again. From Correlejo we went to Rubicon on the 16the of October where we also anchored just in front of the harbour entrance. Rubicon itselves has a beautiful harbour but expensive and we love anchoring.
From Rubicon we parted from Impact and Happy Hour, they go back to Las Palmas and we continue to the other places to explore.

Puerto Calero: We went to Puerto Calero where we also visited Grace with Edwin and Marjo.

Arrecife: After Puerto Calera we went to Arrecife, Lanzarote on the 19th of October and there it was not possible to anchor so we went into port. There I saw my dreamboat. Everybodywho saw the movie Captain Ron should know which one I mean. It is a Formosa51, this one was neglected for a very long time and that took my attraction. After visiting the port office I had a number and called the owner with an appointment the other day. That day I felt really in love with “Teguime” however the state of neglecting it showed reasonable good inside. It turned out that she was not seen after for at least 10 years due to illness of the owner. I can write a lot over this item now but we had to go further. Later on, after a lot of negotiating she was sold to another. Sometimes I fee sorry that I coudn’t buy her but on the other hand, it was a lot of work and would have stayed us at east one year longer in LA de GC.
I Arrecife we met SY Stayer with Radboud and at that moment Kor on board.

Rubicon: We decided to sail together to La Palma but first we went south to Rubicon again where we dropped anchor as a stopover at 21 October. First plan was to sail to the North of Lanzarote to visit La Graciosa but the wind was straight on the bow and too much for a comfortable anchorange so we headed south again.

La Palma: On the 22th of October we heaved anchor at 15:00, it is a long sail and we had calculated that we want to arrive in the morning. We stayed 2 nights at sea and the 24th 10:00 we moored in Marina La Palma.
Here we also met Pegasus with Fred and Caroline. Pegasus is the former “Green Miles”.
We hired a car and explored the island fot many days, also St. Cruz de la palma was very nice with his balconies.
Caroline had her birthday and we were invited for a dinner in a restaurant. In the marina is a bar/ restaurant where we had happy hour nearly every day. We bought a lot of beer by Lucy, the manager of the bar 🙂
In La Palma we parted from Stayer because they had to go to Tenerife to drop Kor to fly back to Holland.

El Hierro: At 03 November we (Pegasus and ASHA) left La Palma after 11 days and turned our bow to El Hierro, the smallest island. From Island to island is a day sail destination and also here we moored in port. But in port there is nothing to do and far from the villages so we hired a car for three days and explored this beautiful island. All the islands are vulcanic and some of them still active but all are different from each other. After 9 days we had seen enough and decided to go to La Gomera.

La Gomera: On 12 November 2017 we dropped anchor near the village Valle del Rey in front of Playa de Argayal and this seems to be a hippy community. it was very quiet and we had a few nice days exploring the Island by a hired car in two days. We stayed a week and it looked the weather would change soon so the anchorage would become choppy. Time to leave and go on.

Las Galletas, Tenerife: Next stop las Galletas on 19 November 2017 where we stayed in port for two days.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife: On 21 November we sailed to St Cruz where we also moored in port. Alongside us was moored the Seagull from Wim and Marjorie from our hometown Den Helder. We had met them previous in Las Palmas but it is always nice to see people back. With them we hired a car and explored the Island for two days. Also in port was Radboud with the Stayer, also from Den Helder, and together we had some nice meals and drinks.

Las Palmas: On 29 November we headed back to Las palmas where we dropped anchor in the Anchorage in front of the playa Alcavaneras. After three days we went into port to prepare the boat for the big trip.

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Our stay in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

We stayed one year in Muelle Deportivo Las Palmas de GC.
However we had to move out end of September because they needed berths for de ARC, Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, and the boats dropped in one by one already from August.
So we decided to sail around the Canaries and explore the other islands.
But more about that later.
In that year a lot of things happened, I worked as a Captain on seagoing Tugboats, one trip was from Capetown, S.AFrica to Alang, India with a scrap vessel and it was planned to sail back to Capetown to pickup another scrap vessel but on the way back it was decided no to do so, so we drifted for nearly one week waiting for orders just in between Somalie and the Maldives. In the end we sailed to Indonesia where I could sign off after three months.
The second trip was from Batam, Indonesia to Makassar, Indonesia what took me only a week sail but a stay for nearly one month. That counts 4 months of work in a year, not too bad at all.
Another sad thing was that the father of Asha became ill and needed help so Asha flew back to Holland to take care of her father. After three months of caring her father he died at a age of 83. It was a good decision to stay in Las Palmas for a while and now is the time to sail further.

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Finally underway

Finally underway!
Enough happened since last time.
We planned to haul out end of April 2016 but unfortunate it was already end of May.
Then instead of the planned 3 weeks it became 7 weeks of maintenance.
Long days on the hard but she is better than ever and in perfect condition.
What have we done so far?
Underwater we added an extra 2 layers of Coppercoat.
Added 2 Keelcoolers for fridge and freezer to have less heat in the boat and it is less energy-consuming because the heat is given to the water.
We sanded the gelcoat, primered and painted the hull Stars and Stripes Blue.
The teak deck repaired and completely recaulked with Sikaflex.
Added a Save Marine watergenerator mounted on a stainless steel mounting bracket which we also can use as an outboard bracket for emergency situations (in case of engine failure we can use this to manoeuvre the ship into port).
Installation of an Icom M802 SSB radio with Pactor 4 modem for emailing and weatherforecasts at sea.
New standing rigging with insulated backstay for the SSB and brand new sails.
We sold our bikes and car and emptied our storagebox. Our house was already sold some years before.
At that moment we were really FREE to go but then I went through my back and also had a hernia.
So waitng for surgery first.
For surgery we sailed from Den Helder, our homeport, to Scheveningen because Asha could say goodby to her family and the hospital was closer to our boat.
After that we could really go and there we went.
We started our circumnavigation from Scheveningen, Den Haag already late in season. It was 09th of September 2016.
First port was Oostende, Belgium where we stayed a few days.
From Oostende we sailed to Boulogne sur Mer. We stayed just one night. Boulogne was not attractive to us and the Bay of Biscay was waiting. From Boulogne we sailed to Guernsey were we had a pleasant meeting with an old friend of me. There we spend a few days waiting for a nice weatherwindow for next leg.
After refuelling in Guernsey we sailed via the Chenal du Four to Camaret sur Mer. We had not sailed much and had to use the engine many times. Here we spend a few days and waited for a weatherwindow to cross the Bay of Biscay.
Most people sail to Falmouth on the SW coast of England first and we also planned so but the weather circumstances forced us to keep the French coast. And this was also nice.
From Camaret we crossed the Bay of Biscay after a short visit to Brest.
Again we had to use the engine nearly the whole Bay of Biscay and after 3,5 day we entered La Coruna in the night.
Here we met our friends with Northern Light who left Den Helder already in july. They are sailing with a boy twin age 7 years.
They went via the English coast and had to wait for a long time for a nice weatherwindow.
After a few nice days we sailed out again and headed for Ensenada de Laxa.
Here we stayed only one night at anchor and the other day we rounded Cape finisterre and dropped anchor in the Ensenada de Langousteira. Here was a nice beach and the weather was fine. Here we realised for the first time that we don’t have to rush anymore. The Bay of Biscay was behind us and now we could relax.
From here we sailed to Ria de Muros where we dropped anchor and stayed a few days. from here we went with the dinghy to expore. From here we sailed to Baiona in the entrance of Ria de Vigo.
Here we stayed 2 weeks or something, forgot time and we were relaxing.
Took some time to visit the neighbourhood and also went to Vigo by autobus.
After a nice period at anchor it was time to leave Spain and we sailed down to Povoa de Varzim, Portugal together with Northern Light. Actually we sailed together from La Coruna.
From Povoa de Varzim we headed south to Leixoes. from here we went by bus to Porto, a very ancient and nice city.
From leixoes we sailed to Aveiro to take shelter for the strong winds to come where we anchored again.
It was a small bay and there was hardly place for us two to anchor.
Luckily we were late in season and besides the small sportfishing boats we were the only ones.
In the night there was a very big gust and I saw 58 knots on the windmeter, the boat heeled over and I expected any moment the anchor alarm but the Rocna anchor was holding very good.
This was not so for Northern Light and she had dragged and was just in front of me.
Her anchor was holding again and I decided to give some more chain so that NL didn’t have to hiew in her anchor at night. By first daylight we could do so and we did not rest much that night.
In the morning the weather was already becalmed and NL anchored again far enough away from us.
When the weather was stable again we motored out but not before we went with the Dinghy to Aveiro, little Venetië.
It was very nice to see the gondels over there and a lot of tourists were joining them.
We sailed the same route with our
From here we headed south to Nazaré were the championship surfing was held.
Luckily the waves were not so high for us and we entered Nazaré by night. It was a little scaring because it was a very dark night and we could not see how the harbour opened but my electronic chart was very precise.
From here we sailed to Peniche, a nice small town and at the other side a nice beach were a lot of surfschools give lessons. We stayed here for more than a week, the only minor was that the fishing fleet don’t give a sh..t for maximum speed of 3 knots in port so they managed to sail close by with 8 knots given a hugh stern wave.
Our boat can handle it but there were some small boats and they were smashed against the pontoon and nearly on the pontoon.The police don’t do anything against it and that’s shame.They only warn us to have enough fenders and good lines, uhmmm.
From Peniche we liked to go to Lisboa but there was a nice weatherwindow to head for Madeira so we let Lisboa on our port side and headed SW to Madeira. Before Madeira there is a small island called Porto Santo and we dropped anchor in christal clear water at a depth of 10 meters. We were 1 day ahead of Northern light and we waited for their arrival were we handed over a tuna which we caught just before entering the anchorage.
We eated the tuna raw together with them as sashimi. With some sojasauce and wasabi, it was delicious.
The first week the weather was fine and we explored the island by foot and by scooter. Later in the week there were strong winds and because there were high mountains the wind was fallen down with very strenght.
The boats were going everywere and everybody needed enough swinging room.
In the afternoon a french boat came in and anchored close by my anchor. I warned them already that I needed swingin room but they could hardly understand me and told me that they don’t drag behind two anchors.
Ofcourse in the middle of the night, we could not sleep and keeping anchorwatch, they were so close that they could hit us so I called them awake and in panic they started engine and my anchorbuoy was taken by their propellor and off we go. We drifted and I had to take my anchor out. We managed to anchor again and in the morning I took one of the last remaining moorings. The rest was already sunken by bad maintenance but not before I had inspected it by snorkeling to the anchorblock. I connected the chain to my own mooring rope and decided to leave the other day.
In the night it started to blow again and I was inspecting the mooring rope and this was nearly worn out by chafing.
Remon from Northern Light saw my decklights on and gave me assistance with his dinghy to connect another rope with shackle to the chain. I also connected my anchorsnubber to the chain so was double protected now. We were exhausted and felt both asleep after some nights continuous anchorwatch. In same night the french boat was given concerns again by drifting to the Northen Light and everybody on the anchorage was awake except the french people, they slept if nothing was happening. In the morning we both sailed out to Madeira. Enough is enough!
In Madeira we went to Quinta do lorde, a nice resort with marina.
The only minor was the huge price for the berth in the marina but northern Light had some sails to repair and we could have some sleep. We stayed 2 days exploring the island and discovered a small fishing port were we could go alongside a pier for nearly free. This was Machico with a nice beach, out of the ocean swell and normally a fishing port for tuna fishers but we were late in season so all boats were on the hard already. It has some benefits not to sail in season. lol.
From here we visited the capital of Madeira, Funchal by bus and spend a nice day with the family Schreuders from the Northern Light.
From Madeira we sailed to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria were we are now. We have time and decided to stay one year in the Canarian Islands instead of rushing to the other site. The caribbean can wait for us.

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Next year, 2016, we like to go.
To start with the circumnavigation.
Before that, a lot to do.
New sails? SSB radio? Get rid of all stuff in our store….most work.
Where to start….. So busy that we even didn’t make plans which route we want to follow.
No plans at all… pfffff.
A few months to go, it goes fast, very fast. No time to think about, just working to the end.
And then.. Yes then we can let go the ropes and hope for fair winds and following seas.
I hope I can tell about visiting foreign ports, countries, all with nice pictures.
So see you in future.

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Installing the energy arch

After a long period we installed an arch for sunpanels and a david for a dinghy. This all had to be done just before holiday. But not every dinghy will fit as we make it custom build. We had to buy a second hand dinghy as well. At the right moment we could buy an 8ft AB dinghy with hard bottom, so called RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat). We found somebody (Dick) who was willing and is very experienced with stainless steel to make this arch. I did not buy the Victron panels I wanted before because they could not deliver at the moment I needed, so we installed 4 x 100 Watt Trunsun panels. They were a lot cheaper and I have to experience if they survive but for that price I can easily exchange. After installing the arch we went for holiday to Denmark to check if everything works the way we thought… Well, we are energy consumers and maybe we have to work on that part, but it was not enough. Probably also it was late season but as I want to have the boat self supporting I want more possibilities to produce energy. I have some more space above my dinghy so decided to add one solar panel more what makes a total of 500 Watt. I also bought a new Superwind windgenerator for not only relying on solarpanels, before I could install there was a secondhand Superwind on Marktplaats, the internet which I could not let go so decided to fit two of them. I have the space so why not?
After installing and running these 2 windgenerators I noticed a big difference in sound. The old one we heard, the new one hardly, this has everything to do with the new developed blades with shark skin fitted on the new Superwind. I think nobody had such a test rig done before but it was obvious that a new set of Silent Power Blades had to come. And sometimes you must be lucky, and patient, because I found a new unused set on the internet for half the price. Now, the, hardly heared, sound is equal, and have a spare set as well.
Dick, also improved the dinghy david and everything is working fine and stable now. Also all the antenneas were equipped on the arch and after installing all the new electronics everything is working fine. These new electronics were also gathered via Marktplaats on internet for nearly half the price. Yes, I want the best but not for high prices. If you are patient and look regularly on the internet and know what you want and what it normally cost you can buy for much cheaper what saves you money to buy something else. Or take a beer!!! Cheers.
The guard rail at the aft, what was SS wire is removed and replaced in 25 mm stainless steel and connected to the arch what makes everything more stiff. We installed lifebuoy, lifesling, MOB Joon and 2 fishing rod holders on the guard rail and even a BBQ.
A new 33 kg Rocna anchor is placed on the bow, also had to change the pulpit but for Dick no problem.

What I have installed now; Vesper Marine Ais transponder, new ICS Navtex antenna, (old one had water ingress!) and Badboy wifi with Pico wifi router, all bought in wintertime while searching the internet.
Badboy Wifi is working with all phones, laptops and tablets on board now, even the television and printer! And finally the signal from the harbour office was picked up much better then before with an external wifi antenna connected to the laptop. It is even possible to watch video from the laptop on television without connecting cables. Also the Ais Transponder (with external GPS) is wireless so we have navigation on all laptops via OpenCPN software.
A great thing was that a GPS mouse bought a few years ago didn’t work with Windows 8, or 10 but because everything goes via wifi now we have even navigation on a laptop with windows 8. Always good for reduncancy.

What to do next?
Make the old B&G Quad navigation displays talking with other NMEA like my ICS Navtex which can act as a navigation repeater. For that purpose I already bought a NMEA multiplexer, also wifi, and of course via Marktplaats for half the price. But I still miss a certain cable. It is a network T-cable (610-OA-030) you can connect in between the cabling of the B&G Quad displays so you can bring the NMEA signal out. Now only the quad is talking to each other display and the autopilot but not connecting to other NMEA equipment.
All the displays (wind, depth, speed, temp, course) are mounted outside but I also want to see these figures behind the navigation table.

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installing watermaker

After 6 weeks I could continue but now it was already cold (octobre) and the shore freshwaterline was shut off. How now? Asking my neighbours how they got freshwater learned me that they made themselves from the harbour water. I had already a freshwatermaker in the storage but that I actually wanted to install before leaving to warmer climates. Thus, not installing the Dickinson heater was my priority but installing the watermaker. We already had the Eberspacher heater for warmth, Dickinson can wait. I went to the Schenker supplier in Lelystad and he was very helpful. We tested the watermaker and found out that the pumps works fine but we had to replace the membrane. I bought it secondhand a few months before and this was the first Schenker 60 l/h he has sold in the Netherlands. After replacing the membrane everything was okay and I was ready to install in the boat. This took also weeks, if you want to do it good, it takes time. After test runs we could make water ourselves, I added additional filters like a harden-up filter and a carbonfilter and the water really tastes fine.
But my time was up so I had to go again, now to Singapore, leaving my girlfriend behind with a self written manual how to do.

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installing new electrics and more

After installing the new batteries ( 4 x 220 Ah) earlier I was not satisfied with the electric installation so we ordered all new Victron equipment. I installed a Victron 3600 VA Isolation Transformer (not really necessary on a fiberglass boat but when in US waters I can easy convert to 115 V), Victron Quattro 12/3000/120/50 Inverter/ Charger, a Victron Bluesolar MPPT 150/70 charger, (solarcells will follow,) BMV 602S Battery Monitor and Digital Multi Control. Made the cables more heavier to 90 mm2 because the high currents that can flow. For this I had to make a new plywood board into the engineroom to fit all these heavy stuff. We bought a dickinson heater but not installed yet and an Eberspacher air heater which I could install directly because all the pipes were already there. And my 6 weeks home were gone already. This time I had to go to Singapore for work.

When I came home all the work was still waiting, I did not expect that my girl friend could continue thus I had to go further where I ended before.
I also had bought before a new 150 Amps Balmar Alternator (dynamo) with Max Charge MC-614 MPPT Voltage Regulator. But to fit this I needed a new double pulley because you can take only about 90 Amps on one pulley drive. Instead of a double v-pulley drive I ordered in Canada a 10 rib Electromaax Serpentine Pulley kit which can take the loads easily. Normally you can easily just fit it over the old pulley but one pulley was already used by a cool-compressor. To fit this I had to take off an intermediate flange to lathe so all was in line again for my cool compressor.

The Dickinson Heater is also placed, for this I had to shorten the bench and make a hole in the ceiling. I did this when my girlfriend was at work otherwise she didn’t agree what I was doing but the end result is fine.
Now she wants the heater on as much as possible because the cosy warmth it gives, and of course the flames you can see playing behind the glass.
The waterline still have to connect to get some warmth in the aft cabin.

New windscreen is placed made from 5 mm Margard Lexan and glued in place with Max kit. In the old situation the original windscreen was removed and replaced by a flexible sprayhood so the owners could remove with light winds in port.

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When we bought her she was still on the hard. So I could repair some minor scratches on the hull with epoxy. We wanted to sail her back to our own harbour and then on the hard again for maintenance.
We started ordering 4 new Victron 220 Ah AGM batteries. Then repair of the sails. There was more to replace, also the seacocks but that we want to do while at home. We knew this before and this made it possible for us to buy the boat. If you can do it yourself it spares a lot of costs. After three days she was ready for the water. After a week discovering the boat, replaced the sails and minor repairs we set sail to Den Helder. Over sea was not possible due to the bad condition of the batteries and strong winds in opposite direction. Underway we would get the new batteries and motoring most of the time kept the batteries topped up enough for one day. So we made a holiday through the Netherlands inland waterways what is also nice to discover and to learn the boats manoeuvrebility a little better. After replacement of the batteries after day three all equipment worked fine afterwards.
Even the bowthruster was working again. After two splendid weeks we sailed into Den Helder and berthed the new called ASHA next to the still called ASHA. The new owner still had to rename the boat in Timeless. From then I had to work again for 6 weeks so Asha was living and exploring the boat while I made some money. After my return there was SAIL DEN HELDER so we decided to stay a few days longer in the water, the weather was fine and I had to wait for the new seacocks as well. After fine days at the dock we lifted the boat and started scraping the hull, we wanted to epoxy it and finish with coppercoat. Anyway, 4 layers of epoxy and 4 layers of coppercoat and replaced the shaft, bearings, propellors bowthruster, add bullflex, greased the Maxprop. Filled minor scratches on the hull above the waterline, cleaned and waxed the hull and finally after 5 weeks of hard work she could go into the water again. Everything was okay so three days later I could go to make money again for 6 weeks.

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getting the boat

As we bought the boat she was called Opale, we discovered her 14 months before and were in love with her. She had nearly all we wishes but there were two problems. Own boat to sell and extra money.
So it took 14 months to be the new owner. Own boat was not ready to sell yet, there were things to do to make her more appealing and constructive better. One of the things to do was removing the old chainplates and make new ones which now are constructed on the outside of the hull and reinforcement on the inside. When that was done all the wood on the inside what was damaged by getting to the chainplates from the inside was replaced. A good opportunity to insulate as well behind the new wood. Everyting painted and that was attractive again. Also to replace the maststep. That one was from steel and wood, not a solid construction and already rotten and gone by leakage. So made a new one from solid steel, painted and placed back in the bilge. When all this was done the mast could step again on her foot and she appeals like a sailboat again and not a motorsailer, she was a ketch again.
By that time I placed an advertisement and waited. Luckily for me after nearly one year a friend of us divorced. (maybe not for him) but he was in search for a house to live in. I knew he was a fervent sailer and his wife was not. He also had a small motorboat to sell. So I called him with the question if he ever have thought about living on a boat. Yes, he did but his wife never wanted. So I told him my boat is for sale, maybe we can make an arrangement.
And so it all started, he bought our boat and we could manage to buy Opale. Not so easy because he had to divorce first and to sell his own boat but after 5 months Opale has waited for us and everything came together on one week. Selling and buying our new home.

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