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Asha Dhonrhe,
Born in Paramaribo, Surinam on 31-August-1971
Moved to The Hague, Netherlands while she was 17 years old.
After ending studie she started working and living in The Hague.
While she was on holiday to Surinam she met John at Torarica Hotel while De Dijk was playing.
Love at first sight and so started a turbulous life for Asha, also called Loes.
First she had to learn to swim. After one holiday with a rented sailboat John insisted to learn sailing in an open boat. So done that, now John insisted on manoeuvring so she did a motorboat course.
And of course the other year she had to do the cabin cruiser course.
Now she understood that this was not enough for John she did a Survival at Sea course and the Marcom B. Both decided to buy a Taiwan Clipper CT41 sailboat what was nearly sunk and all started with maintenance, actually it was a total rebuild what took 5 years and she learned to scrape, sand, paint and deck caulking. After all, she did not sail much.
When she participated in a sailtrip to England she discovered that sailing is not fun when you’re seasick. Anyway, some holidays followed and with some seasickness medicins she could survive.
After the last movement to the Beneteau she feels at home and is eager to start the circumnavigation.

John Verschuijten,
Born in Eindhoven, Noord Brabant on 29-july-1961
You don’t expect any watersports activities from there because it is inland and 19,9 meters above sealevel but there is a canal what is connected to other canals and rivers so he could start to explore the inland waterways.
In Eindhoven is a yacht harbour what can berth 65 yachts to 14 mtrs and another 300 on the shore.
From there the love for water starts.
From the early years he was sailing with his parents on their motorboat to Zeeland where he discovered salt water and current. A sailboat course when he was 12 years made him curious to more.
From the age of 17, he started owning 3 motorboats, from 6 meters, then 9 meters to finally a 20 meter old Danish fishing cutter with sails where he lived on for 4 years with his girl friend. After that experience, while he was joining the navy and the boat was berthed in Den Oever at the IJsselmeer, he moved to a house again because the girl who stayed on board could’t stand anymore. Too much work while he was exploring the world with the Royal Navy.
The girl became his wife and they got 3 beautiful children, 2 girls and a boy named, Sanne, Tessa and Niels.
After the old fishing cutter he owned 2 more sailboats but had to sell before they left to Curacao.
When the family was back in the Netherlands John met Asha in Suriname in 2003, where he was with the Pelikaan, a Royal Dutch Navy Supplier, for docking.
They met in Torarica hotel while the band de Dijk was playing and it was love of first sight.
As said joining Royal Dutch Navy from his 18the to his 51the he was now retired but it wasn’t enough. He wanted to explore more of the world.
He worked with a Dutch company, Acta Marine, owning about 40 small workboats working worldwide.
Owning many houses and lived in the Caribbean for 4 years it was time to move to a boat again.
Started living aboard on the so called Taiwan Clipper CT41 SY ASHA from May 2012 they moved in june 2013 to the Beneteau oceanis 44CC SY ASHA. Yes, they changed boat, although they loved the CT41 and worked on it for almost 6 years she was too small to take family with them for exploring.
Now busy with preparations for the circumnavigation.
John started in the Royal Dutch Navy in 1979 as electrician, after a few years he became engineer and later diver and divemaster and the last 3 years as a watch keeping officer on a Minehunter to retire in jan 2013. While in Navy and beyond he was studing in his spare time for Merchant Engineer, Navigation Officer, Marcom A, Ecdis, Radar Navigator, Yachtmaster, and all relevant courses, he finally got it to freelance Captain 3000 ton now.
While circumnavigating he is able to work underway when necessary to maintain the cash box.

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