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getting the boat

Posted by on 1 februari 2014

As we bought the boat she was called Opale, we discovered her 14 months before and were in love with her. She had nearly all we wishes but there were two problems. Own boat to sell and extra money.
So it took 14 months to be the new owner. Own boat was not ready to sell yet, there were things to do to make her more appealing and constructive better. One of the things to do was removing the old chainplates and make new ones which now are constructed on the outside of the hull and reinforcement on the inside. When that was done all the wood on the inside what was damaged by getting to the chainplates from the inside was replaced. A good opportunity to insulate as well behind the new wood. Everyting painted and that was attractive again. Also to replace the maststep. That one was from steel and wood, not a solid construction and already rotten and gone by leakage. So made a new one from solid steel, painted and placed back in the bilge. When all this was done the mast could step again on her foot and she appeals like a sailboat again and not a motorsailer, she was a ketch again.
By that time I placed an advertisement and waited. Luckily for me after nearly one year a friend of us divorced. (maybe not for him) but he was in search for a house to live in. I knew he was a fervent sailer and his wife was not. He also had a small motorboat to sell. So I called him with the question if he ever have thought about living on a boat. Yes, he did but his wife never wanted. So I told him my boat is for sale, maybe we can make an arrangement.
And so it all started, he bought our boat and we could manage to buy Opale. Not so easy because he had to divorce first and to sell his own boat but after 5 months Opale has waited for us and everything came together on one week. Selling and buying our new home.

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