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installing watermaker

Posted by on 13 februari 2014

After 6 weeks I could continue but now it was already cold (octobre) and the shore freshwaterline was shut off. How now? Asking my neighbours how they got freshwater learned me that they made themselves from the harbour water. I had already a freshwatermaker in the storage but that I actually wanted to install before leaving to warmer climates. Thus, not installing the Dickinson heater was my priority but installing the watermaker. We already had the Eberspacher heater for warmth, Dickinson can wait. I went to the Schenker supplier in Lelystad and he was very helpful. We tested the watermaker and found out that the pumps works fine but we had to replace the membrane. I bought it secondhand a few months before and this was the first Schenker 60 l/h he has sold in the Netherlands. After replacing the membrane everything was okay and I was ready to install in the boat. This took also weeks, if you want to do it good, it takes time. After test runs we could make water ourselves, I added additional filters like a harden-up filter and a carbonfilter and the water really tastes fine.
But my time was up so I had to go again, now to Singapore, leaving my girlfriend behind with a self written manual how to do.

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