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Posted by on 3 februari 2014

When we bought her she was still on the hard. So I could repair some minor scratches on the hull with epoxy. We wanted to sail her back to our own harbour and then on the hard again for maintenance.
We started ordering 4 new Victron 220 Ah AGM batteries. Then repair of the sails. There was more to replace, also the seacocks but that we want to do while at home. We knew this before and this made it possible for us to buy the boat. If you can do it yourself it spares a lot of costs. After three days she was ready for the water. After a week discovering the boat, replaced the sails and minor repairs we set sail to Den Helder. Over sea was not possible due to the bad condition of the batteries and strong winds in opposite direction. Underway we would get the new batteries and motoring most of the time kept the batteries topped up enough for one day. So we made a holiday through the Netherlands inland waterways what is also nice to discover and to learn the boats manoeuvrebility a little better. After replacement of the batteries after day three all equipment worked fine afterwards.
Even the bowthruster was working again. After two splendid weeks we sailed into Den Helder and berthed the new called ASHA next to the still called ASHA. The new owner still had to rename the boat in Timeless. From then I had to work again for 6 weeks so Asha was living and exploring the boat while I made some money. After my return there was SAIL DEN HELDER so we decided to stay a few days longer in the water, the weather was fine and I had to wait for the new seacocks as well. After fine days at the dock we lifted the boat and started scraping the hull, we wanted to epoxy it and finish with coppercoat. Anyway, 4 layers of epoxy and 4 layers of coppercoat and replaced the shaft, bearings, propellors bowthruster, add bullflex, greased the Maxprop. Filled minor scratches on the hull above the waterline, cleaned and waxed the hull and finally after 5 weeks of hard work she could go into the water again. Everything was okay so three days later I could go to make money again for 6 weeks.

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