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installing new electrics and more

Posted by on 13 februari 2014

After installing the new batteries ( 4 x 220 Ah) earlier I was not satisfied with the electric installation so we ordered all new Victron equipment. I installed a Victron 3600 VA Isolation Transformer (not really necessary on a fiberglass boat but when in US waters I can easy convert to 115 V), Victron Quattro 12/3000/120/50 Inverter/ Charger, a Victron Bluesolar MPPT 150/70 charger, (solarcells will follow,) BMV 602S Battery Monitor and Digital Multi Control. Made the cables more heavier to 90 mm2 because the high currents that can flow. For this I had to make a new plywood board into the engineroom to fit all these heavy stuff. We bought a dickinson heater but not installed yet and an Eberspacher air heater which I could install directly because all the pipes were already there. And my 6 weeks home were gone already. This time I had to go to Singapore for work.

When I came home all the work was still waiting, I did not expect that my girl friend could continue thus I had to go further where I ended before.
I also had bought before a new 150 Amps Balmar Alternator (dynamo) with Max Charge MC-614 MPPT Voltage Regulator. But to fit this I needed a new double pulley because you can take only about 90 Amps on one pulley drive. Instead of a double v-pulley drive I ordered in Canada a 10 rib Electromaax Serpentine Pulley kit which can take the loads easily. Normally you can easily just fit it over the old pulley but one pulley was already used by a cool-compressor. To fit this I had to take off an intermediate flange to lathe so all was in line again for my cool compressor.

The Dickinson Heater is also placed, for this I had to shorten the bench and make a hole in the ceiling. I did this when my girlfriend was at work otherwise she didn’t agree what I was doing but the end result is fine.
Now she wants the heater on as much as possible because the cosy warmth it gives, and of course the flames you can see playing behind the glass.
The waterline still have to connect to get some warmth in the aft cabin.

New windscreen is placed made from 5 mm Margard Lexan and glued in place with Max kit. In the old situation the original windscreen was removed and replaced by a flexible sprayhood so the owners could remove with light winds in port.

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