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Installing the energy arch

Posted by on 27 september 2015

After a long period we installed an arch for sunpanels and a david for a dinghy. This all had to be done just before holiday. But not every dinghy will fit as we make it custom build. We had to buy a second hand dinghy as well. At the right moment we could buy an 8ft AB dinghy with hard bottom, so called RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat). We found somebody (Dick) who was willing and is very experienced with stainless steel to make this arch. I did not buy the Victron panels I wanted before because they could not deliver at the moment I needed, so we installed 4 x 100 Watt Trunsun panels. They were a lot cheaper and I have to experience if they survive but for that price I can easily exchange. After installing the arch we went for holiday to Denmark to check if everything works the way we thought… Well, we are energy consumers and maybe we have to work on that part, but it was not enough. Probably also it was late season but as I want to have the boat self supporting I want more possibilities to produce energy. I have some more space above my dinghy so decided to add one solar panel more what makes a total of 500 Watt. I also bought a new Superwind windgenerator for not only relying on solarpanels, before I could install there was a secondhand Superwind on Marktplaats, the internet which I could not let go so decided to fit two of them. I have the space so why not?
After installing and running these 2 windgenerators I noticed a big difference in sound. The old one we heard, the new one hardly, this has everything to do with the new developed blades with shark skin fitted on the new Superwind. I think nobody had such a test rig done before but it was obvious that a new set of Silent Power Blades had to come. And sometimes you must be lucky, and patient, because I found a new unused set on the internet for half the price. Now, the, hardly heared, sound is equal, and have a spare set as well.
Dick, also improved the dinghy david and everything is working fine and stable now. Also all the antenneas were equipped on the arch and after installing all the new electronics everything is working fine. These new electronics were also gathered via Marktplaats on internet for nearly half the price. Yes, I want the best but not for high prices. If you are patient and look regularly on the internet and know what you want and what it normally cost you can buy for much cheaper what saves you money to buy something else. Or take a beer!!! Cheers.
The guard rail at the aft, what was SS wire is removed and replaced in 25 mm stainless steel and connected to the arch what makes everything more stiff. We installed lifebuoy, lifesling, MOB Joon and 2 fishing rod holders on the guard rail and even a BBQ.
A new 33 kg Rocna anchor is placed on the bow, also had to change the pulpit but for Dick no problem.

What I have installed now; Vesper Marine Ais transponder, new ICS Navtex antenna, (old one had water ingress!) and Badboy wifi with Pico wifi router, all bought in wintertime while searching the internet.
Badboy Wifi is working with all phones, laptops and tablets on board now, even the television and printer! And finally the signal from the harbour office was picked up much better then before with an external wifi antenna connected to the laptop. It is even possible to watch video from the laptop on television without connecting cables. Also the Ais Transponder (with external GPS) is wireless so we have navigation on all laptops via OpenCPN software.
A great thing was that a GPS mouse bought a few years ago didn’t work with Windows 8, or 10 but because everything goes via wifi now we have even navigation on a laptop with windows 8. Always good for reduncancy.

What to do next?
Make the old B&G Quad navigation displays talking with other NMEA like my ICS Navtex which can act as a navigation repeater. For that purpose I already bought a NMEA multiplexer, also wifi, and of course via Marktplaats for half the price. But I still miss a certain cable. It is a network T-cable (610-OA-030) you can connect in between the cabling of the B&G Quad displays so you can bring the NMEA signal out. Now only the quad is talking to each other display and the autopilot but not connecting to other NMEA equipment.
All the displays (wind, depth, speed, temp, course) are mounted outside but I also want to see these figures behind the navigation table.

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