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Our stay in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Posted by on 29 januari 2018

We stayed one year in Muelle Deportivo Las Palmas de GC.
However we had to move out end of September because they needed berths for de ARC, Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, and the boats dropped in one by one already from August.
So we decided to sail around the Canaries and explore the other islands.
But more about that later.
In that year a lot of things happened, I worked as a Captain on seagoing Tugboats, one trip was from Capetown, S.AFrica to Alang, India with a scrap vessel and it was planned to sail back to Capetown to pickup another scrap vessel but on the way back it was decided no to do so, so we drifted for nearly one week waiting for orders just in between Somalie and the Maldives. In the end we sailed to Indonesia where I could sign off after three months.
The second trip was from Batam, Indonesia to Makassar, Indonesia what took me only a week sail but a stay for nearly one month. That counts 4 months of work in a year, not too bad at all.
Another sad thing was that the father of Asha became ill and needed help so Asha flew back to Holland to take care of her father. After three months of caring her father he died at a age of 83. It was a good decision to stay in Las Palmas for a while and now is the time to sail further.

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