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Round trip Canarian Islands

Posted by on 29 januari 2018

What did we do when we sailed around the Islands of the Canaries, well….. first we sailed to

Morro Jable, Fuerteventura on 30 Septembre 2017 where we moored inside the harbour first night. There was no water nor electricity on the pontoon so why stay any night longer over there. We discovered a nice anchorage just around the corner in front of the shopping boulevard where we stayed another night, 10 meters very clear water on a sandy bottom.

Gran Tarajal: At 02 Octobre we heaved anchor and sailed to Gran Tarajal where we dropped anchor. The other day I saw some water in the bilge coming from my raw water pump, I had one spare so exchanged this. Here we met Happy Hour with Rob and Hilde and Impact with Quido and Gerdie. In port was another Dutch boat Dream C with Cor and we had a nice BBQ at the anchorage in the days following.

Puerto Rosario: After a few nice days we heaved anchor on 08 Octobre and headed for Puerto Rosario where we dropped anchor in 7 meters water. On 11 Octobre we heaved anchor with the plan to sail to Los Lobos but the engine of Impact ran hot so we turned back to Puerto Rosario and dropped anchor again. Here Rob repaired the engine of Impact. We got information that we could pick-up our new Parasailor at the airport which we ordered in Holland via Bomarine. We had an Agent for the paperwork and when that was done we took a taxi to pick it up. We are very happy with this light weather sail and hope that we can use it often.

Los Lobos: The other day 12 October we heaved anchor and headed for Los Lobos where we anchored at 8 meters.
After a few nice days, after we discovered this beautiful island, we headed on 14 October for

Correlejo, Fuerteventura where we anchored again. From Correlejo we went to Rubicon on the 16the of October where we also anchored just in front of the harbour entrance. Rubicon itselves has a beautiful harbour but expensive and we love anchoring.
From Rubicon we parted from Impact and Happy Hour, they go back to Las Palmas and we continue to the other places to explore.

Puerto Calero: We went to Puerto Calero where we also visited Grace with Edwin and Marjo.

Arrecife: After Puerto Calera we went to Arrecife, Lanzarote on the 19th of October and there it was not possible to anchor so we went into port. There I saw my dreamboat. Everybodywho saw the movie Captain Ron should know which one I mean. It is a Formosa51, this one was neglected for a very long time and that took my attraction. After visiting the port office I had a number and called the owner with an appointment the other day. That day I felt really in love with “Teguime” however the state of neglecting it showed reasonable good inside. It turned out that she was not seen after for at least 10 years due to illness of the owner. I can write a lot over this item now but we had to go further. Later on, after a lot of negotiating she was sold to another. Sometimes I fee sorry that I coudn’t buy her but on the other hand, it was a lot of work and would have stayed us at east one year longer in LA de GC.
I Arrecife we met SY Stayer with Radboud and at that moment Kor on board.

Rubicon: We decided to sail together to La Palma but first we went south to Rubicon again where we dropped anchor as a stopover at 21 October. First plan was to sail to the North of Lanzarote to visit La Graciosa but the wind was straight on the bow and too much for a comfortable anchorange so we headed south again.

La Palma: On the 22th of October we heaved anchor at 15:00, it is a long sail and we had calculated that we want to arrive in the morning. We stayed 2 nights at sea and the 24th 10:00 we moored in Marina La Palma.
Here we also met Pegasus with Fred and Caroline. Pegasus is the former “Green Miles”.
We hired a car and explored the island fot many days, also St. Cruz de la palma was very nice with his balconies.
Caroline had her birthday and we were invited for a dinner in a restaurant. In the marina is a bar/ restaurant where we had happy hour nearly every day. We bought a lot of beer by Lucy, the manager of the bar 🙂
In La Palma we parted from Stayer because they had to go to Tenerife to drop Kor to fly back to Holland.

El Hierro: At 03 November we (Pegasus and ASHA) left La Palma after 11 days and turned our bow to El Hierro, the smallest island. From Island to island is a day sail destination and also here we moored in port. But in port there is nothing to do and far from the villages so we hired a car for three days and explored this beautiful island. All the islands are vulcanic and some of them still active but all are different from each other. After 9 days we had seen enough and decided to go to La Gomera.

La Gomera: On 12 November 2017 we dropped anchor near the village Valle del Rey in front of Playa de Argayal and this seems to be a hippy community. it was very quiet and we had a few nice days exploring the Island by a hired car in two days. We stayed a week and it looked the weather would change soon so the anchorage would become choppy. Time to leave and go on.

Las Galletas, Tenerife: Next stop las Galletas on 19 November 2017 where we stayed in port for two days.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife: On 21 November we sailed to St Cruz where we also moored in port. Alongside us was moored the Seagull from Wim and Marjorie from our hometown Den Helder. We had met them previous in Las Palmas but it is always nice to see people back. With them we hired a car and explored the Island for two days. Also in port was Radboud with the Stayer, also from Den Helder, and together we had some nice meals and drinks.

Las Palmas: On 29 November we headed back to Las palmas where we dropped anchor in the Anchorage in front of the playa Alcavaneras. After three days we went into port to prepare the boat for the big trip.

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