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Second time Las Palmas de GC

Posted by on 9 februari 2018

After we came back  in Las Palmas after the tour over the Canarian Islands in December 2017 there was enough to do.

First we went back to Holland for family circumstances for ten days.In those days we had Christmas time with friends and family, collected ordered stuff, stayed in a hotel in Den Hague and visited my sister in Eindhoven. It was too short.

When we came back in Las Palmas we had a nice New Years evening party in Motown with friends, Quido and Hilde were playing music and we danced the night.

After all those partying it was time to prepare  the boat.

I replaced the Furuno radar for a Navico broadband radar. Long story so I try to keep it short. Bought a 4g B&G broadband radar second hand for not too much money in august, but unfortunate it was not working so sent it back to the shop, they sent it to a repairshop and it came back but it still was not working. Then again but to another radar-repairshop because the former one had broken the dome, and insisting that it was so already. No way, I even had a picture of everything and it was still sealed when he got it. It came back repaired so said but was still not working. I was already thinking that something was wrong with my system so doublechecked on other boats and systems but it turned out that really something was wrong with the dome. So brought it back again and they should look at it on monday. That monday I asked what was wrong and they told me it was send to Navico Holland. Finally, I mentioned before to send it to Navico but they were insisting that they could repair in Las palmas. This happened just before Christmas  and because I was already waiting so long I phoned Navico. My radar was not found in their store neither in their system. After New Year I phoned again and it seemed that it was send to Spain where they returned a brand new one. One week later I was the proud owner of a brand new working radar. Yeah, what I did not tell is that I am not using a plotter but a computer to produce the radar screen. OpenCPN has written a plugin for a Navico radar on a computer and now everything is working well.

I had to send the Save Marine watergen back to the factory, the propellor was stuck when we tried last month after one year of deck storage and the technicians of SaveMarine wanted to see what was wrong. We found a suitable carton box and it was collected by TNT. They found out that it was a bad construction design and we will get a new one end of March, start April when we are in Mindelo, Cabo Verde

The 18 years old 8 persons Plastimo liferaft was send for inspection. I was there when the liferaft was opened and it looks good except that everything was expired. This was expected and normal but not for the gas bottle, this one was far over due. Anyway, the inspection would cost so much that a new one was interesting. So the old one was packed again and we had a nice afternoon testing it in the water with some friends.  Everything looked good, it was holding its pressure fine but it was not possible to keep the floor dry. After we took it out of the water I found out that the bonding of the seems was gone. It is stitched and glued and the glue came loose so after 18 years it was a good decision to go for a new one. We should survive when we had to use it but we did not keep it dry in the raft.

I replaced the flexible shaft coupling for a fixed one. The engine mounts are flexible and the shaft is also flexible with a Volvo seal and with the flexible coupling it was too much flexibility and shaking too much. Now it is far better. Original was fixed as well but I replaced in flexible when I replaced the shaft in 2014. I made a mistake in doing so.

The dieseltank was cleaned and I mounted a valve at the lowest point for checking.

Flexible exhaust pipe of airheater was changed, we brought a new one from Holland.

Changed the battery of the AIS-SART, (Automatic Identification System – Search And Resque Transponder)

The railing wire was renewed, it was already long in my mind, and now a friend of us died because an eye of the pulpit was broken and he felt overboard. Nothing to blame the railing wire but ours was covered in plastic and had some colouring. You never know what is inside and now we can inspect,  we also choose for 5 mm instead of 4 mm. Just for safety.

And a lot more but too much to mention. Days were filled and nights ……well, men have to drink otherwise you dry out.

Now we are waiting for a new liferaft, Bimini and sprayhood, we changed also colour and now we have the possibility to make a tent of the Bimini to keep the rain and bugs/ mosquitos out.

After that is done we will go…. will be continued!


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